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EAA Chapter 32 2017 AirVenture
Chapter 32 at AirVenture 2014

  • Chapter 32, The Spirit of St. Louis, goal is to enhance awareness and promote education of aviation in the St. Louis area.
  • Meetings are held at 10am on the 3rd Saturday of every month at Smartt Field in St. Charles County. See map for directions.
  • EAA is open to anyone with an interest in aviation, pilots and non-pilots alike. You must be a member of the National EAA to be a member of a local chapter. For more information about National EAA membership click here.  Chapter 32 dues are $40 per year payable by January 1. Click here to down load a membership application for Chapter 32. Please notice, you may type the information directly onto the form. Then you may print it out. Also, please fill out a survey so we know a little about you and your interests and skills.


April 2017 Sport Aviation

Sport Aviation

April 2017 Sport Aviation's article about Chapter 32's "The Spirit of Aviation" Flying Club.

If you are a new member or interested in joining Chapter 32, please contact the Membership Committee for additional information

First Flight of the Spirit of Aviation Flying Club LLC's RV-12

Video by John Huebbe:


Officers and Committees

President: Dave Doherty
Vice President: Bill Doherty
Secretary: Dave Deweese
Tresurer: Don Doherty
Chairman of Executive Committee: Dave Doherty
ARC Operations Committee: Doug Killebrew
Community Liaison: Bill Jagust
Education: Bill Jagust  
Fundraising/Food Cards: Ron Burnett
Membership Coordinator: Jon Thayer
Safety: Joe Miano
Special Projects:  
Member at Large:

Dave McGougan

Member at Large:
Karsten Kessler
Young Eagles:

Rick May

Flight Advisors 
Bill Jagust   Tim Finley
Tech Counselors 
Gale Derosier Tim Finley
Newsletter Editor: Jim Bower
Web Editor: Laura Million
Library: Bill Jagust
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