Projects in Production



Finished Projects




Ron Burnett's RV-6A Ron Burnett's RV-6A


BowerJim Bower's RV6-A
Cozy Randi and Chrissi's Cozy Mk-IV   xBill Collette's RV-4
Gary 8Gary Fitzgerald's Lancair 320   Gale Derosier's Rans S6-S Gale Derosier's Rans S6-S
RV8 Rick Galati's RV-8   zDave Domeier's RV 7A
DonDon Glennie's MiniMax Sport 1600R   z Rick Galati's RV-6A 
Jagust Bill Jagust's Volksplane II


zGary Johnson's Sonex

Gary LGary Liming's Zenith CH801  

  z Steve Morse Long E-Z
Chuck Maggert Zodiac 7 Chuck Maggart's Zodiac 7  

nack Kim Nack T-18

Mcgoogan Dave McGoogan's Ridge Runner


Sargent Joe Sargent RV-6A
Pratt Bob Pratt's RV-6A


Howard Woodruff's Velocity Project Howard Woodruff's Velocity    



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